Munchkinland Daycare

A gentle bridge between home and school...

Scheduling a Visit

Interested in enrolling your little munchkin?

I would love to meet you...

Due to COVID-19 regulations, visits are at 5:45 p.m. for 10 minutes at my front door.
Please wear a face mask. Thank you!
I would be happy to email you references at your request.

Please call Liz Strickland at 831-394-1570
(Just leave a message and I will respond after my business hours)

Or email at

Our Rates

Full-Time Rates:

All ages - $1,075.00 per month


Included in the rates:

A cozy, licensed Home Away From Home

Healthy meals & drinks

Diaper changing supplies

Lots of love & attention

30+ years experience

Zero staff turnover

Holiday Schedule

Caring for children is important and challenging work and every child care provider deserves paid time off. This is in the best interest of the provider and the children in her care. A child care provider who takes care of herself is better able to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere for the children. Munchkinland is closed for legal holidays, one week in the summer, and two weeks at Christmas.


January 20: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

February 17: Presidents' Day

April 10: Good Friday

April 13: Easter Monday

May 25: Memorial Day

June 15-19: Summer Break

July 3: Independence Day

September 7: Labor Day

October 12: Columbus Day

November 11: Veteran's Day

November 25-27: Thanksgiving

December 14-January 3: Christmas Break


Once parents decide to enroll their child, they will need to secure the space with a non-refundable payment for the first month of child care plus an additional non-refundable $75.00 registration fee.

Upon enrollment, parents will need to provide a written declaration of health from their child's doctor and a current vaccination record. Parents will also need to sign a contract, medical release forms, and will need to provide home & work contact numbers, along with a cell phone number in case of emergencies.


When parents sign my contract, they agree to be supportive of my philosophies and policies and to pay the monthly child care fee in full at the beginning of the month. They acknowledge that when it is time for their child to move on, they will give at least one month's notice. If parents are planning to remove their child from Munchkinland mid-month, the payment for the full month will be required, regardless of how much notice was given. Should parents decide, for whatever reason, to remove their child without giving notice, they will be held financially responsible for up to one month's worth of child care. Should I release a child from my group, for whatever reason (in some situations advance notice will not be possible), the remainder of the month will be refunded.