Munchkinland Daycare

A gentle bridge between home and school...

A Play-Based Developmental Curriculum

I believe young children learn best through free play.
Early childhood is a time to explore, to enjoy & to "just be."

In my small group children receive lots of love & attention,
socialize with peers and explore their world via creative play.

The day is gently structured with inside & outside play,
and exposure to the ABCs, numbers, shapes & colors
through books, puzzles, art time & music.

Regarding discipline, gentle reprimand & redirection usually restore the peace.

Potty Training

I gently support potty training once families begin at home. I remind children during the day about using the bathroom but do not force them if they are not interested. Until children are fully potty trained, they need to wear diapers or pull-ups. Fully potty trained children consistently tell me when they need to use the bathroom and can wait a few minutes if I am tending to others. Unless children have been waking up dry from nap for some time, they need to wear diapers or pull-ups for naps.